Medicare Basics

Medicare has four parts:

Part A covers hospital charges after a deductible of $1260. (Semi-private room, general nursing, meals, drugs as part of your inpatient treatment, and other hospital services and supplies.)

It's free for most people.

Part B is for doctors and other medical services

After a $147 deductible the government will pay 80% of the allowance for any approved service.

Your Medicare Part B premium is $104.90 for 2015.  (Higher for those who have income over $85,000.)

To cover items that are not paid by Parts A or B, Medicare Supplement policies can be purchased from private insurance companies.

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Part C is what the government calls Advantage Plans. These plans,from private insurance companies, manage your Medicare A and B benefits, and most commonly operate as PPOs or HMOs.

You continue to pay your Part B premium but you do not use your Medicare card when using your medical services.

These plans often include Part D prescription coverage as an added benefit.

Part D covers prescription drugs. The plans are purchased from private insurance companies, but have to meet or exceed government standards.
An Introduction to the Basics of Medicare     a short video
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