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We all want good, high quality health insurance and we'd all like it to be cheap. Unfortunately, high quality and cheap are two things that don't go together.

Expecting to find cheap health insurance that covers everything we want is like expecting to find  a good three dollar bottle of wine.   

When you see an ad for cheap health insurance you have to stop and think: " Something's missing. What is it?"

Low cost health plans are going to be limited in one way or another. Some will only help with hospital bills. Others will pay a certain amount toward doctor visits and leave you paying hospital and surgery costs yourself. Affordable plans that do cover all health expenses will only do so when you reach a high deductible, leaving you to pay the first few thousand dollars yourself. Even that would be better than a plan that claims to cover everything but only reimburses you for a fraction of actual costs.

If you do buy one of these plans, you need to understand what you are getting.  

Deal with an agent and ask, specifically:
What you can expect to pay out of your pocket when you:

1-buy your medications
2-get a check up,
3-see a doctor about a health problem,
4-go to an emergency room,
5-have surgery, or
6-get admitted to a hospital.  and
7-Will your doctor or local hospital will accept the plan?  

Don't rely on vague wording that suggests you are fully protected. In fact, many people think the word "covered" means you will pay nothing. It doesn't. It only means that the service is one that is included. What you actually pay will vary greatly from one plan to another.  

Many terms you find in any marketing material can be interpreted in more than one way. You should expect any company to use the interpretation of any questionable phrase to be the one that is in their best interest, not yours.   

When you buy cheap health insurance you are leaving your self unprotected for potentially devastating future costs. At the very least, you should be aware of the limitations of the plan you choose.
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